Student Organizations & Activities

SGIS students team up

The Global Student 7

The Global Student Seven (GS7) advisory board meets monthly with Dean Feinstein. They provide him with candid, mature student perspectives on school policies, help organize events, and brainstorm new student and faculty initiatives. The board also meets with SGIS departments to help them improve their student outreach and increase enrollments.

The seven-member board is composed of five undergraduate and two master’s degree students. Applications to join the GS7 board are accepted each fall. Two students from the previous year’s board continue as guides for new members, but the remaining five seats are open.

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Student ambassadors

Student ambassadors share their excitement about the SGIS with prospective and incoming students. Working closely with the SGIS recruitment team, the ambassadors coordinate and lead campus tours and orientation sessions. By helping to organize and staff the lectures, panels, conferences, and other events sponsored weekly by SGIS, student ambassadors gain both a behind-the-scenes and front-row-seat view of the rich intellectual and cultural offerings of our school.

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