The Rise of populism In Europe and the US 
November 1, 2016
SGIS Dean Lee Feinstein discusses political movements in Europe.  

International Criminal Court Poised to Open Investigation Into War Crimes in Afghanistan 
Foreign Policy Magazine
October 31, 2016
SGIS faculty, David Bosco talks about an investigation that could expose U.S. personnel to international justice inquiry for the first time.

SGIS to host Prime minister of Timor-Leste
IU Newsroom
September 23, 2016
Dr. Rui Maria de Araújo, prime minister of the Southeast Asian nation Timor-Leste, will speak Wednesday, Sept. 28, at Indiana University Bloomington as part of the IU School of Global and International Studies' Distinguished Diplomat Speaker Series.

NWI remains at the ready as 2001 attacks remembered
Chicago Tribune
September 9, 2016
SGIS faculty, Asma Afsaruddin talks about how more information about Islam leads to better understanding.

Islamophobia is on the rise in the US. But so is Islam. 
September 9, 2016
Asma Afsaruddin, professor of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, talks about the rise of Islamophobia in the US. 

Institute for European Studies earns grant
IU Newsroom
August 26, 2016
The European Commission has awarded the Institute for European Studies at the Indiana University School of Global and International Studies a three-year grant to support research, new course offerings and career-enhancing opportunities for students.

Unstable, Unruly, and Reprobate: The Middle East Today
World Affairs Journal
Spring 2016
SGIS faculty, Jamsheed K. Choksy and Carol E. B. Choksy, talk about issues in the Middle East today. 

Sinor Research Institute for Inner Asian Studies looking to expand its influence worldwide
IU Inc. 
August 19, 2016
Director of the Sinor Research Institute for Inner Asian Studies, Edward J. Lazzerini, talks about expanding.

IU School of Global and International Studies center hosting Fulbright Program orientation
IU Inc
August 4, 2016
Lee Feinstein, founding dean of the IU School of Global and International Studies, welcomed Fulbright students.

New LinkedIn report says ‘international aspirations bloom in Bloomington’
IU Inc
August 2, 2016
LinkedIn – the world’s largest professional network — announced that Bloomington is one of the top U.S. cities for launching the careers of LinkedIn’s American expatriates.

IU President McRobbie joins SGIS dean, faculty on Council on Foreign Relations
IU Newsroom
July 7, 2016
Prestigious think tank elects McRobbie. SGIS Dean Lee Feinstein, faculty member Lee Hamilton, and others at SGIS in the CFR.

SGIS faculty and Dean Feinstein discuss Britain post "Brexit" vote
IU Inc
June 24, 2016
Faculty in Europe for the vote report Europeans in shock over the outcome. Dean Feinstein notes the possible return of "geopolitics" in Europe is bad for the U.S.

Modi has consolidated India's relationships in West Asia
India Abroad
June 10, 2016
Sumit Ganguly writes about Prime Minister Modi's foreign policy successes.

Hometown Hero - Elliott Newton
My Wabash Valley
June 3, 2016
Master's Student Elliot Newton featured as a "Hometown Hero".

Delta grad overcomes mother's drug overdose
The Star Press
June 2, 2016
Story on graduating senior Olivia Shoemaker who will attend SGIS hoping to make a difference for world health issues.

IU Bloominton Selected for 'Diplomacy Lab'
Inside Indiana Business
June 1, 2016
SGIS in a report from Inside Indiana Business.

Anke Birkenmaier: Latin America Scholar
Bloom Magazine
May 31, 2016
Anke Birkenmaier in Bloom Magazine.

Iraqi forces and militias battling ISIS in Falluja
CNN International
May 28, 2016
Feisal Istrabadi looks at Iraq's battle to retake the city of Falluja from ISIS.

Lee Hamilton: The case for efficient, effective and accountable gov't
Kokomo Tribune
May 27, 2016
Lee Hamilton writes in the Kokomo Tribune.

Global refugee crisis overwhelms humanitarian aid system and exacerbates its shortcomings
Los Angeles Times
May 23, 2016
Elizabeth Dunn in the Los Angeles Times.

Refugee protection and resettlement problems
Science Magazine
May 19, 2016
Elizabeth Dunn writes about ongoing issues with refugee response.

Bangladesh's Accommodation Of Extremism Spells Danger For The Region
Yale Global
May 18, 2016
Sumit Ganguly writes Bagledesh is dangerously lacking in action on extremism.

Should Philosophy Departments Change Their Names? Readers Join the Debate
New York Times
May 18, 2016
John Walbridge shares thoughts to stop naming philosophy departments.

Ambassador Istrabadi reacts to Iraq bombings
CNN International
May 13
Feisal Istrabadi from SGIS studio discussing the bombings in Baghdad.

In Poland's conservative heartland, frustration from those EU 'left behind'
The Christian Science Monitor
May 12, 2016
Padraic Kenney comments on the socioeconomic divide in Poland.

Former Iraqi diplomat: Iraq is in political chaos
May 5, 2016
Feisal Istrabadi appeared on CNN to discuss political instability in Iraq.

Poetry from Chernobyl
Toxic News
May 3, 2016
Sarah Phillips shares her poetry from Chernobyl.

Iraq mired in a political crisis
CNN International
May 2, 2016
Feisal Istrabadi appeared on CNN International to discuss the unrest in Iraq.

The world at your feet: how to build a career in foreign relations
The Conversation
April 29, 2016
First-ever SGIS Diplomat in Residence gives career advice to those interested in foreign affairs.

28 pages, no smoking gun: 9/11 Commission chairmen
USA Today
April 28, 2016
Lee Hamilton and his co-chair of the 9/11 Commission Tom Kean provide insight into the call for the Commission's report to be released to the public.

Lee Hamilton: Time for citizens to step up
The Herald-Times
April 22, 2016
Recap of Lee Hamilton's challenge for citizens to take a role in America's future.

Richard Lugar honored with Jefferson Award for lifetime achievement
The Indy Channel
April 22, 2016
Distinguised Scholar Richard Lugar honored with the Jefferson Award for service.

Divided by History, can religious tourism bring India and Pakistan closer?
April 19, 2016
Sumit Ganguly quoted in a story by the news outlet Quartz.

On Immigration, Law Is on Obama's Side
The New York Times
April 18, 2016
Richard G. Lugar writes in New York Times op-ed on Immigration.

Key to Succesful U.S. Peacemaking? A Commitment to Diplomacy, Humanitarianism and the 'Example' of America
The Huffington Post
April 13, 2016
Lee Hamilton writes on U.S. efforts at making peace.

Opposition leader Zia latest victim of Bangladesh’s zero-sum politics
World Politics Review
April 13, 2016
Sumit Ganguly writes about the problems facing Bangladesh’s opposition leader.

Workshop to address ethical issues in national security work
IU Newsroom
April 8, 2016
Conference focusing on ethics in national security work features SGIS’ Gene Coyle.

Empowering India’s street vendors as entrepreneurs
PBS NewsHour
April 6, 2016
Sumit Ganguly in a segment regarding India’s street vendors.

Indiana University delegation concludes successful visit to Thailand
IU Newsroom
April 5, 2016
President McRobbie wrapped a successful trip to Thailand, where partnerships are helping SGIS.

Obama’s historic Cuba trip aimed at cementing policy changes beyond his presidency, expert says
Global Trade Magazine
April 5, 2016
Lee Hamilton notes that public opinion is on the president’s side in opening Cuba trade.

Literacy program lets Bloomington students make connections across the globe
The Herald-Times
April 5, 2016
IU’s Books and Beyond project based in the School of Education but involving some SGIS students.

A commitment to partnership and engagement in Southeast Asia
IU Newsroom
April 1, 2016
A report on President McRobbie’s trip full of SGIS notes, including benefits from a Thai partnership.

Scholars against anti-Zionism
Jewish and Israel News
April 1, 2016
Article previews the major conference on anti-Semitism at IU.

Indiana statesmen say U.S. can’t isolate itself from the world
The Herald-Times
April 1, 2016
A write-up of the final “America’s Role in the World” session on Indiana and the World.

‘Indiana in the World’ panelists link food production, global engagement
IU Newsroom
March 31, 2016
A wrap of the final “America’s Role in the World” focusing on Indiana’s world role.

U.S. Senator Dan Coats to speak at IU today
March 31, 2016
Panel with Dan Coats highlighted during “America’s Role in the World.”

U.S. policy toward the Middle East
March 30, 2016
Panel from our “America’s Role in the World” conference featured on C-SPAN.

Arms control and proliferation
March 30, 2016
Panelists talked about past arms control and nonproliferation strategies during “America’s Role in the World.”

Next president’s foreign policy
March 30, 2016
Panelists offered foreign policy advice to the next president during “America’s Role in the World.”

Like it or not, U.S. must engage with Middle East, panelists say
IU Newsroom
March 30, 2016
Panelists at “America’s Role in the World” characterize America’s role in the Middle East today and how that role might change under the next president.

National security advisor speaks at Indiana University
Indiana Public Media
March 30, 2016
Recap of Ben Rhodes’ talk at “America’s Role in the World” conference.

Iraq: Muqtada al-Sadr’s Green Zone demonstration
March 29, 2016
Feisal Istrabadi weighs in on the Shia cleric Al-Sadr’s Green Zone protest.

Should security forces have stopped the terrorist attacks in Belgium?
The Conversation
March 29, 2016
Sumit Ganguly considers the criticism of the Belgian security apparatus.

They left Cuba but managed to bring these cherished pieces of home with them
The Washington Post
March 28, 2016
Gerardo Gonzalez on family’s exit.

The little genocide: A Karadzic conviction in The Hague that will satisfy no one
Los Angeles Times
March 25, 2016
Timothy Waters on the Karadzic conviction.

Conference of scholars at IU Bloomington to examine connections between anti-Zionism, antisemitism
IU Bloomington Newsroom
March 24, 2016
SGIS co-sponsored a conference with IU Press that examined the connection between anti-Zionism and antisemitism.

IU experts on Brussels attack: Don’t give in to fear
The Herald-Times
March 23, 2016
Dean Feinstein and Sumit Ganguly give thoughts after Brussels attack.

A conversation with Europe’s ambassadors
Council on Foreign Relations
March 21, 2016
Video of the session in New York moderated by Dean Feinstein with European ambassadors.

It’s time for America to get defense spending right
The Huffington Post
March 18, 2016
Lee Hamilton: Congress should not have its “automatic response” to military budget.

Hamilton and Lugar: U.S. must stay engaged in the world
The Indianapolis Star
March 18, 2016
Richard Lugar and Lee Hamilton promote continued U.S. global engagement.

Indiana University’s new global studies building receives LEED gold
American School and University Magazine
March 15, 2016
SGIS building receives LEED gold.

Fast facts about Indiana University for media covering the 2016 NCAA men’s tourney
IU Bloomington Newsroom
March 15, 2016
Fast facts for media covering IU basketball in the NCAA Tournament includes some about SGIS.

“Self-restraint” with Japanese characteristics
Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative
March 10, 2016
Adam Liff writes on the history of and potential future for “self-restraint” in the South China Sea.

IU School of Global and International Studies to host Language Flagship’s program in Arabic
IU Bloomington Newsroom
March 9, 2016
SGIS welcomes the Arabic Flagship.

India’s tortured debate on nationalism and free speech
March 9, 2016
Sumit Ganguly writes on the ongoing debate over nationalism and free speech in India.

IU School of Global and International Studies convening conference, “America’s Role in the World”
IU Bloomington Newsroom
March 8, 2016
A major conference is happening at SGIS this month.

Back to the future in Iran?
The National Interest
March 6, 2016
Hussein Banai writes that the Iranian elections do not herald more political reform.

The limits of growth: Economic headwinds inform China’s latest military budget
The Wall Street Journal
March 5, 2016
Adam Liff co-authors article on China’s economic downturn affecting its military.

Watch “Lee Hamilton’s Freedom Medal”
Indiana Public Media
March 3, 2016
WTIU’s special on Lee Hamilton’s presidential honor.

To find hope in America, look around you
Tulsa World
March 4, 2016
Lee Hamilton writes, “To find hope in America, look around you.”

After trying “strategic patience,” U.S. needs new approach to North Korea
The Huffington Post
March 1, 2016
Lee Hamilton writes it’s time for a new approach to North Korea.

India budget specifics still unclear: academic
Feb. 28, 2016
Sumit Ganguly addresses the possible budget moves in India.

Fulbright international exchange program bridges academics, professional pursuits
IU Newsroom
Feb. 24, 2016
Student Experience blog features Fulbright student Arielle Moss, Near Eastern Languages and Cultures major at IU.

A day to remember: Lee Hamilton gets the Medal of Freedom
Bloom Magazine
Feb. 26, 2016
Lee Hamilton’s experience receiving the Medal of Freedom.

Caste protests spotlight India’s contentious quota system
Deutsche Welle
Feb. 23, 2016
Sumit Ganguly tells Deutsche Welle the quota system for caste communities in India is problematic.

Top producers of U.S. Fulbright scholars and students
The Chronicle of Higher Education
Feb. 22, 2016
IU is noted in The Chronicle of Higher Education as producing among the most Fulbright scholars.

Indiana University among the top 10 institutions sending Fulbright students abroad
IU Bloomington Newsroom
Feb. 22, 2016
SGIS is a reason IU is a top 10 Fulbright school; Keely Bakken, Aldar Escamilla Mijes current Fulbrighters.

SGIS professor Stephanie Kane strives to connect community, environment and the classroom
Inside IU Bloomington
Feb. 17, 2016
Stephanie Kane’s “Nature in the City” connects people to the global environment.

Indiana University’s new Global and International Studies building earns LEED Gold certification
IU Bloomington Newsroom
Feb. 17, 2016
Our new building is now LEED Gold certified; designation in keeping with SGIS global mission, says dean.

Syrian scholar explores deterioration from democracy to dictatorship
IU Newsroom
Feb. 16, 2016
Presentation by Kevin Martin and his new book regarding Syria’s democratic past.

Lee Hamilton ’52 & Richard Lugar “had a hand in saving the world”
DePauw University
Feb. 14, 2016
SGIS’ Hamilton and Lugar modeled “even-keeled, pragmatic, bipartisan, and wise” approach.

Three reasons humanitarian aid fails
Science Magazine
Feb. 13, 2016
Elizabeth Dunn on research presented at the American Association for the Advancement of Science conference.

The International Center to honor IU President McRobbie as 2016 International Citizen of the Year
IU Newsroom
Feb. 12, 2016
The International Center honoring IU President McRobbie in part for his vision in creating SGIS.

Hoosier Hall of Fame: Home and abroad with Richard Lugar and Lee Hamilton
Indianapolis Monthly Magazine
Feb. 10, 2016
Richard Lugar and Lee Hamilton modeled an Indiana approach to government for the nation and the world: even-keeled, pragmatic, bipartisan, and wise.

Former congressman promotes engagement, public service
Indiana Daily Student
Feb. 10, 2016
Lee Hamilton gives an IU fraternity advice on becoming future statesmen.

Study abroad program at IU provides students a chance to see the world
IU Newsroom
Feb. 9, 2016
How Indiana Diversity helped SGIS senior Ireri Perez study in India and Ecuador.

Climate change is a threat to national security
First Year 2017
Feb. 9, 2016
Stephen Macekura is part of The Miller Center project on issues facing the next president.

IU Bloomington’s Hutton Honors College turns 50, launches “Many Worlds, One Globe” initiative
IU Bloomington Newsroom
Feb. 8, 2016
SGIS is proud to be part of the “Many Worlds, One Globe” initiative of IU’s Hutton Honors College.

IU students share universal language of dance in Panama with Movement Exchange
Art at IU
Feb. 8, 2016
SGIS student Dana Vanderburgh is a “dance diplomat.”

Predicting world’s future trouble spots will not be easy, but U.S. must continue to lead
The Huffington Post
Feb. 4, 2016
Lee Hamilton writes that the U.S. must continue its key role in managing global trouble.

IU professor discusses Middle Eastern tension
Indiana Daily Student
Feb. 3, 2016
Recap of Feisal Istrabadi’s Framing the Global presentation, “States in Flux in the Middle East.”

How to tell if Congress is working again
Feb. 3, 2016
The Center on Congress at Indiana University
Lee Hamilton pens a column asking how hard members of Congress are willing to work to fix the institution and address the key issues facing our country.

Lee Hamilton to headline O’Bannon Institute at Ivy Tech in April
The Herald-Times
Feb. 3, 2016
Lee H. Hamilton will headline Ivy Tech Bloomington’s 13th annual O’Bannon Institute for Community Service fundraising dinner on April 21.

Lee Hamilton wants Congress to change
Feb. 2, 2016
Lee Hamilton spoke at Fisher High School, addressing the state champion “We the People” team.

Marine veteran adjusts to student life
Indiana Daily Student
Jan. 28, 2016
Senior Miles Vining speaks about his experience at IU after serving in the military.

United Nations report: ISIL possibly guilty of war crimes
Aljazeera America
Jan. 20, 2016
Feisal Istrabadi discusses the UN report on ISIL in Iraq.

United Nations Report:  ISIL Possibly Guilty of War Crimes
Al Jazeera America
Jan. 19, 2016
Feisal Istrabadi appears from the SGIS studio to discuss UN report on ISIL

The Indiana Daily Student
Jan. 14, 2016
An article about the first spring semester event for the Chinese Flagship Center
The World Post
Jan. 12, 2016
SGIS' Asma Afsaruddin writes that interpretations of Islam create many forms of it

Time for a Comprehensive Strategy against Islamic Terrorism in 2016Small Wars Journal
Jan. 11, 2016
Chair of the Dept. of Central Eurasian Studies Jamsheed Choksy and Carol Choksy suggest a new strategy against Islamic terror
Foreign Affairs
Jan. 6, 2016
Dir. of the Center on American and Global Security Sumit Ganguly writes that India must better prepare for terrorism.

Militant attacks could hurt India/Pakistan relations
WBEZ (Chicago)’s “Worldview”
Jan. 5, 2016
Dir. of the Center on American and Global Security Sumit Ganguly discusses India-Pakistan relations after weekend militant attacks