“Maid in Manhattan”
December 23, 2013
Foreign Policy
Professor Sumit Ganguly op-ed focusing on the domestic help in the Indian diplomatic scandal 

“Top Foreign Policy Challenge Heading Into 2014? It’s China”
December 20, 2013
Huffington Post
Op-ed by former U.S. Congressman and SGIS Distinguished Scholar Lee H. Hamilton

“Indian Reaction to Diplomat’s Arrest: Mix of Cold War Legacy and Politics?”
December 19, 2013
Professor Sumit Ganguly

“India’s Fury over the Treatment of its Diplomat in New York”
December 18, 2013
Background Briefing with Ian Masters
Professor Sumit Ganguly

“A Region Totters Toward Democracy, Gathering Momentum”
November 27, 2013
New York Times
Professor Sumit Ganguly on democracy in South Asia

“The Iran/U.S. Agreement Makes Middle East Peace Far From Realistic”
November 26, 2013
Op-ed by Professor Jamsheed Choksy

“Obama Gives Richard Lugar the Medal of Freedom”
November 21, 2013
The Washington Post
Former U.S. Senator and SGIS Professor of Practice Richard Lugar receives the Presidential Medal of Freedom

“Only U.S. Can Secure a Nuclear Deal with Iran”
November 11, 2013
Real Clear World
Professor Jamsheed Choksy op-ed

“The End of India’s Sovereignty Hawks?”
November 7, 2013
Foreign Policy
Professor Sumit Ganguly op-ed

“Professor Steps Up Effort to Improve Students’ Chinese”
November 4, 2013
The Chronicle of Higher Education
Professor Yea-Fen Chen

“What the Tiananmen Square Attack Reveals about China’s Security State”
November 1, 2013
The Christian Science Monitor
Associate Professor Gardner Bovingdon

“China Targets Uyghurs after Deadly Tiananmen Square Incident”
October 30, 2013
Radio Australia
Associate Professor Gardner Bovingdon

“The Impasse Between the U.S. and Iran”
October 4, 2013
World Policy
Professor Jamsheed Choksy op-ed