Direct Admit Scholars

SGIS students at the Forbidden CitySGIS Direct Admit Scholars

The SGIS Direct Admit Scholars community is a cohort of top students. As Direct Admit Scholars you will:

  • Receive a scholarship to help cover the cost of your overseas study
  • Have great opportunities to work closely with our faculty and staff
  • Get personalized guidance to succeed academically
  • Plan your future career by locating internship opportunities and jobs, connecting with alumni and international affairs leaders
  • Help shape SGIS for generations of future students.

SGIS offers a unique experience for the study of global affairs!

  • We have a new, state-of-the-art (and LEED Gold Certified) building in the heart of campus that was inaugurated in October 2015 by Secretary of State John Kerry.
  • Our faculty to student ratio is 5:1
  • SGIS is a place where you can ask big questions—How can we make the people of the world safe? What kind of governing institutions are most effective? How do we best promote trade and international development?).
  • At SGIS you can develop concrete skills to prepare for your future career.
  • IU Bloomington is one of the US’ premier universities for studying foreign languages.
  • We offer academic flexibility: over 60% of our students have two or more majors.

How to join the SGIS Direct Admit Scholars

If you are an outstanding student admitted to IU Bloomington, we can offer direct admission to SGIS automatically if you meet these criteria: 

  • Declare a SGIS degree program as your intended major on your application.

  • Earn a composite ACT score of at least 28 or a SAT score of 1320 (math and critical reading sections)

  • Earn a cumulative high school GPA of at least 3.7 on a 4.0 scale

If you are admitted to IU Bloomington and meet all but one of the above criteria, you may petition for direct admission. Start the petition process by writing to no later than February 15.