Welcome from the Dean

Dean FeinsteinWelcome to the School of Global and International Studies, a distinguished community of scholars, students, staff, and alumni united by a common commitment to meet the global challenges of the 21st century with our world-shaping ideas and world-altering graduates.

Situated at one of the nation’s premier research universities, amid a culturally rich and ethnically diverse community, SGIS prepares its students to join a network of IU graduates who make policy—and even history—in government, academic, business, legal, and nonprofit circles around the world.

It’s an absolutely exhilarating time to be at SGIS. Our state-of-the-art building opened in August, 2015. Our airy new quarters in the campus center, flanked by the university’s library and art museum, has for the first time brought our renowned departments, area and language studies programs, and research centers together under one soaring roof.

IU’s history of beckoning scholars and students from around the world dates back more than a century. During World War II, the university provided a safe haven for European intellectuals fleeing Nazi persecution. Following the war, IU President Herman B Wells stepped up the university’s international recruitment efforts and expanded its foreign language and area studies programs. For example, during the Cold War, IU was one of the only universities in America to offer Russian language studies at a time when such proficiencies were vital to our national security. And for the past 50 years IU has remained at the forefront of innovation by establishing transdisciplinary resources such as the Center for the Study of Global Change, the East Asian Studies Center, and the Islamic Studies Program.

Today our faculty boasts legendary statesmen like former Congressman Lee Hamilton and Senator Richard Lugar, as well as over three hundred other scholars with no less dazzling strengths as thinkers, interpreters, and, above all, as teachers.

I am proud to lead this vibrant community as we consolidate our position as a preeminent center of international scholars and scholarship. It can truly be said that at SGIS we formulate the ideas and form the leaders who will transform the world.

I invite you to browse our website and visit us on the beautiful campus of Indiana University in Bloomington. Please contact us if you have questions or need additional information. We look forward to connecting with you.

With best wishes,

Lee A. Feinstein

Founding Dean, School of Global and International Studies