SGIS draws on the experience of more than 350 tenure-track faculty from across Indiana University.

Together, they deliver an outstanding educational experience supported by a body of research that's unmatched by any other university in the world.

Unparalleled Faculty Expertise

Our faculty's pool of expertise is vast and extends to nearly every region of the globe. Their research discoveries have changed the way we think about world art and literature, foreign policy, and international trade.

An Interdisciplinary Approach to Global and International Issues

SGIS faculty come from 51 College units that span many different areas within the humanities and social sciences. The faculty also includes members from all of the IU Bloomington professional schools.

Faculty Listing





Asma Afsaruddin


Near Eastern Languages and Cultures

Islamic studies; Islamic religious and political thought; contemporary Islamic movements; gender roles; Islam in modern society- new book (fall 2015) titled "Contemporary Issues in Islam"

Salman Alani

Director of the Arabic Language Flagship, Professor

Near Eastern Languages and Cultures

Arabic linguistics; translation

Keera Allendorf

Assistant Professor

International Studies

Nepal; India; demography; family; health; gender

Asaad Al-Saleh

Assistant Professor

Near Eastern Languages and Cultures

Modern Arabic literature and culture; comparative literature and cultural studies; Arab Spring; Syria, ISIS

Hussein Banai

Assistant Professor

International Studies

Iranian politics; US-Iran relations; diplomatic theory and practice; democracy and human rights in Iran; democratization; revolution and reform in the Middle East

Christopher Beckwith


Central Eurasian Studies

Central Eurasian history and linguistics; Central Asia; the Classical revolution; Modernism; Mandarin morphophonology; Chinese historical phonology; Old Tibetan language and linguistics

Andrew Bell

Assistant Professor

International Studies

The law of armed conflict, humanitarian intervention, military culture, civilian victimization, ethics in war, and international law

David Bosco

Associate Professor

International Studies

Gobal governance; UN Security Council; International Criminal Court

Purnima Bose

Associate Professor

International Studies

Colonialism, nationalist movements, and neo-liberalism

Laszlo Borhi

Associate Professor, Peter A. Kadas Chair

Central Eurasian Studies Central European history; history of international relations and dictatorships
Gardner Bovingdon Associate Professor Central Eurasian Studies; East Asian Languages and Cultures; International Studies  Politics in contemporary Xinjiang; history of modern Xinjiang; historiography in China; nationalism and ethnic conflict
Brett Bowles Director of the Institute for European Studies, Associate Professor of French French & Italian Twentieth-century French cultural history, Film studies, Cinema, society, and politics
Daniel Caner Associate Professor Near Eastern Languages and Cultures Late Roman-Eary Byzantine History; History of the Early Church
Yea-Fen Chen Director of Chinese Flagship, Professor East Asian Languages and Cultures Chinese Language and Pedagogy, Second Language Acquisition, and Language Learning Strategies
Jamsheed Choksy Distinguished Professor Central Eurasian Studies Middle East, Central Asia, South Asia; Iran, Iraq, Syria, Persian Gulf Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India; Islam, Zoroastrianism, Manichaeism, especially Shiites, Sunnis, Parsis and other religious minorities; sectarianism, terrorism, regional politics
Michael Crandol Visiting Assistant Professor East Asian Languages and Cultures Japanese horror cinema, Classical Japanese Literature
Sibel Crum Lecturer, Turkish Flagship Language Advisor Turkish
Nick Cullather Executive Associate Dean of SGIS, Professor of International Studies and History School of Global and International Studies U.S. foreign relations; history of intelligence, development and nation-building
Sarah Bauerle Danzman Assistant Professor International Studies International political economy; global finance, production and development; politics of multinational firms; social network analysis and complexity science; International Investment, Trade and Investment Treaties (TPP, TTIP, etc.)
Stephanie DeBoer Associate Professor International Studies Transnational or global cinema and media studies; cinema and media geographies; cinema and media co-production; screen media and urban space; screen media arts and video arts; critical approaches to digital media in the context of globalization; inter-Asia cultural studies; regional and East Asian cinema and media; Japanese cinema and media; Chinese language cinema and media
Devin DeWeese Professor Central Eurasian Studies Islamic Central Asia; Soviet Central Asia; Sufism; Islamization; religious and Inner Asia; Islamic hagiography
Guadalupe Gonzalez Dieguez Assistant Professor Near Eastern Languages and Cultures; Jewish Studies Medieval Jewish and Arabic philosophy; Jewish mysticism and Kabbalah; Muslim Spain; golden age of Hebrew literature; Sephardic culture; Spinoza
Michael Dodson Director of Dhar India Studies Program, Associate Professor of History India Studies South Asian intellectual and cultural history, British imperial history, Postcolonial theory
Elizabeth Dunn Associate Professor International Studies; Geography Refugees and internally displaced people; humanitarian aid; the European Union; Russian foreign policy; Poland; Georgia
Hamid Ekbia Professor International Studies; Informatics Drones and military technology; Iran; political economy of computing; social informatics; artificial intelligence
Lee Feinstein Dean of SGIS, Professor of International Studies School of Global and International Studies US foreign policy and national security, nonproliferation and arms control, international law
Michael Foster Associate Professor East Asian Languages and Cultures Japanese folklore, literature and film; festival/ritual; tourism; supernatural theory
Sara Friedman Associate Professor Interim Director of EASC and the Pan Asia Institute; East Asian Languages and Cultures Marriage and the state; socialism and post-socialism; gender and sexuality; reproductive politics; kinship; citizenship; ethnicity; media and representation; transnationalism; tourism; language politics
Sumit Ganguly Director and Professor of Political Science Center on American and Gobal Security International relations and world politics; comparative polilitics of South Asia & Southeast Asia; ethnopolitics; South Asian regional security; nuclear strategy and arms control; counterinsurgency and counterterrorism
Emma Gilligan Associate Professor International Studies Human Rights
Seema Golenstaneh Assistant Professor Central Eurasian Studies Iranian studies
Kathryn Graber Assistant Professor Central Eurasian Studies; Anthropology Mass media; materiality and material agency; multilingualism; language shift and endangerment; anthropology of performance; historical anthropology; cultural and intellectual property; socialism and post-socialism; race and ethnicity; Mongolia; Russia; Siberia
Vivian Halloran  Associate Professor/ Interim Director of CLACS Comparative Literature non-fiction literature about food, memory studies, the literature of mourning, and the role of history in African American and Latino/a children's literature
Lee Hamilton Professor of Practice School of Global and International Studies Served in U.S. House for 34 years, chairing the Committee on Foreign Affairs, the Intelligence Committee, and Select Committee to Investigate Covert Transactions with Iran. He was the co-chair of the 9/11 Commission as well as the Iraq Study Group. His expertise includes national security, foreign policy, representative government, and civic education
John Hanson Director African Studies Program; History Religious imagination and social initiatives of Muslims in western Africa
Susan Hwang Assistant Professor East Asian Languages and Cultures Korean Culture; Literature and dissident politics in South Korea
Nur Amali Ibrahim Assistant Professor International Studies; Religious Studies Contests over proper interpretations of Islamic scriptures in Indonesia; religious socialization; politics of student activism
Zaineb Istrabadi Senior Lecturer Near Eastern Languages and Cultures Teaching Arabic as a second language; interfaith dialogues; community outreach; Sufism
Feisal Istrabadi Director of Center for the Study of the Middle East, Professor of Practice in SGIS and Maurer School of Law Center for the Study of the Middle East, Near Eastern Languages and Cultures Middle East; international law and diplomacy; Iraq; constitutional issues; problems in engendering rule-of-law institutions; post-conflict justice issues in the Middle East
Hilary Kahn Assistant Dean for Strategic Collaborations; Senior Lecturer International Studies; Director of the Center for the Study of Global Change The internationalization of higher education; global teaching and learning
Olga Kalentzidou Lecturer Director of Academic Initiatives and Experiential Learning Greece; Balkans; Europe; immigration and ethnicity; food memory; identity; material culture; pottery; Balkan prehistory; experiential learning; pedagogy
Stephanie Kane Professor International Studies water: infrastructure, ecology and cultural politics in cities; social justice and environmental; justice; port cities; environmental arts and humanities; Argentina, Brazil, Canada
Gyorgy Kara Professor Central Eurasian Studies Mongol and Inner Asian studies; languages and cultures (Old Turkic, Tibetan, Manchu, Evenki, Khitan and Altaic philology); history of writing systems; Altaic linguistics; Mongol literature and folklore
Gregory Kasza Professor East Asian Language and Cultures Modern Japanese politics and business; Japanese social institutions and mass media; comparative politics; state-society relations; war and politics
Stephen Katz Chair of the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, Professor of Jewish Studies Near Eastern Languages and Cultures Modern Hebrew language and literature; fiction of S.Y. Agnon; American experience of Jews and Hebrew writers; Hebrew poetry
Padraic Kenney Chair of International Studies Department, Professor of International Studies and History International Studies Eastern Europe; Ukraine/Russia; South Africa; Ireland; democratic revolutions; social movements; authoritarian states; communism and postcommunism; political prisoners
Aziza Khazzoom Director of Undergraduate Studies, Associate Professor Near Eastern Languages and Cultures Israel; social stratification; race/ethnicity; gender
Jiyoung Kim Lecturer East Asian Languages and Cultures Korean Language Instruction
Seung-kyung Kim Director of the Institute for Korean Studies, Professor East Asian Languages and Cultures
Edward Lazzerini Academic Specialist Central Eurasian Studies Eurasian commentary traditions; intellectual developments within Turkic communities of Central Eurasia, 18th-20th centuries; comparative study of early modern empires (Russian, Chinese, Ottoman, Spanish)
Hyo Lee Associate Professor and Korean Language Program Coordinator East Asian Languages and Cultures Korean language and linguistics; comparative study of East Asia languages; discourse-pragmatic and cognitive approaches to grammar
Adam Liff Assistant Professor East Asian Languages and Cultures Foreign relations of Japan and China, esp. defense policy; contemporary security issues in East Asia; U.S. Asia-Pacific strategy
Chien-Jer Lin Associate Professor East Asian Languages and Cultures Chinese linguistics; East Asian psycholinguistics; sentence processing; linguistic anthropology
Maria Lipman Visiting Lecturer Russian and East European Institutue Russian domestic and foreign policy and civil society
Yan Long Assistant Professor International Studies China; regions of emerging economies; global health governance; community health inequalities; transnational institutions; authoritarian state building; nonprofit sector and social movements; gender and sexualities
Paul Losensky Professor Central Eurasian Studies Persian literature and literary theory (16th and 17th centuries in Iran, India and Central Asia); literature; architecture; topography; Sufism and literature; comparative studies in the Baroque; translation; translation studies 
Richard Lugar Professor of Practice School of Global and International Studies Longest serving member of Congress in Indiana history; expertise on global food security, weapons of mass destruction nonproliferation, aid effectiveness, bipartisan governance
Manling Luo Associate Professor East Asian Languages and Cultures Pre-modern Chinese narratives; Chinese literati culture; traditional Chinese literature; gender and cultural studies
Stephen Macekura Assistant Professor International Studies U.S.; global South; history of political economy and international development; history of U.S. foreign relations and international politics; environmental history; U.S. foreign policy; U.S. nation-building and development; climate change; economic measurement and well-being; sustainability
Ethan Michelson Associate Professor East Asian Languages and Cultures Contemporary Chinese society; social conflict; justice systems; lawyers; globalization; institutions and institutional change
Mark Clements Minton Professor of Practice School of Global and International Studies
Nader Morkus Assistant Professor Near Eastern Languages and Cultures Intercultural pragmatics; developing L2 learners' pragmatic competence; instructional technology in the AFL classroom
Peter Nemes Lecturer International Studies    Cultural studies; digital culture; comparative literature; Hungary; East Europe; U.S.
Joanna Nizynska Director of the Polish Studies Center/Associate Professor Slavic and East European Languages and Cultures   Comparative approaches to Polish studies; trauma and post-memory in post-Communist countries; "glocalization" of Western theory in Eastern Europe, gender and queer studies; writing history of "minor literatures"; Polish-American poetic relations; rewriting Classics in modern literature
Scott O’Bryan Associate Professor East Asian Languages and Cultures History of 20th-century Japan; environmental history; urban history; consumption and consumer culture; visual culture
Jessica O'Reilly Assistant Professor International Studies Climate change; Environmental management in Antarctica
Morten Oxenboell Assistant Professor East Asian Languages and Cultures Conflict studies; premodern political and social history; culture of violence; martial suicide; early modern Japanese visions of the Medieval past
Oner Ozcelik Assistant Professor Central Eurasian Studies Second language acquisition with an emphasis on Turkic and Central Asian languages; Turkish and Turkic languages; phonology and phonetics; prosody-syntax interface; phonology-morphology interface
Philip Parnell Associate Professor International Studies Law and crime in society and culture; cross-cultural studies; law, crime and social change; disputing; the state; violence; Phillipines; Southeast Asia; Mexico
Clemence Pinaud Assistant Professor International Studies Gender and sexual violence;ciivilian-guerilla groups relationships, war and post-war economy, and state building processes
Sarah Drue Phillips Director of the Russian and East European Institute, Professor of Anthropology Russian and East European Institute Medical Anthropology; Central and Eastern Europe; the Former Soviet Union, especially Ukraine and Russia; postsocialist transformations; civil society and non-governmental organizations (NGOs); globalization; development; gender studies; post-Chernobyl health and healing; folk medicine; disability studies; HIV-AIDS; and addiction
Elisa Räsänen Lecturer Central Eurasian Studies Finnish language instruction
Toivo Raun Professor Central Eurasian Studies Modern Baltic and Finnish histories
Edith Sarra Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies East Asian Languages and Cultures Classical Japanese fiction and memoir; gender and premodern Japanese culture; eco-criticism and the literature of place
Ron Sela Associate Professor International Studies Central Asia; South Asia; Middle East; history and historiography of Central Asia; ethnic and religious identities (Central and South Asia, Middle East); self-representation in Muslim literary traditions; Turks and Iranians in the Asian sphere
Nazif Shahrani Professor Central Eurasian Studies Cultural ecology of nomadic pastorialism; state and society, Islamic movements; identity politics; social change and modernization; Muslim family and gender dynamics in Soviet and post-Soviet Central Asia; Afghanistan and Central Asia research
Kemal Silay Director of Turkish Flagship, Professor Turkish Language and Literature  Ottoman court literature; cultural history of the Ottoman empire; Turkish oral literature; secularism, Islam and modernity in Turkey; contemporary Turkish politics and Islamist movements; textual studies; cultural studies; HCI; postmodernism; gender studies; Islamic civilizations; lawful Islamisms within liberal democracies 
Abdulkader Sinno Associate Professor Near Eastern Languages and Cultures Civil wars, ethnic strife and other conflicts; Muslims in Western politics; political Islam; minority representation; attitudes toward minorities and immigration
Aaron Stalnaker Associate Professor East Asian Languages and Cultures Comparative religious ethics; philosophy of religions; Christian thought and ethics; Chinese religious thought; moral philosophy
Elizabeth Stein Post-doctoral Fellow SGIS-National Endowment for Democracy Mark Helmke Media in post-authoritarian transitions
Jessica Steinberg Assistant Professor International Studies Africa; India; regions of limited state presence; politics of natural resources; non-state goods provision; strategies of governance in regions of limited state presence; conflict events reporting
Henghua Su Assistant Professor East Asian Languages and Cultures Chinese linguistics; Chinese language and pedagogy; second language acquisition; motivation and learning strategies
Nozomi Tanaka Assistant Professor East Asian Languages and Cultures Acquisistion of syntax in first, second, and heritage languages of Asia and the Pacific
Natsuko Tsujimura Professor East Asian Languages and Cultures Japanese linguistics
Stephen Vinson Associate Professor  Director of RCCPB (Now CPRI)/Near Eastern Languages and Cultures Ancient Egyptian language and literature; history of Graeco-Roman Egypt Ancient Egyptian transportation and trade (boats, ships)
P. Nicholas Vogt Assistant Professor East Asian Languages and Cultures Early Chinese history; cultural and religious history of early China
John Walbridge Professor Near Eastern Languages and Cultures Islamic philosophy; Islamic intellectual history with an emphasis on the cultural role of philosophy and science; Baha'i studies; Islamic studies; Islamic history
Tie Xiao Assistant Professor East Asian Languages and Cultures Modern Chinese literature and visual culture; intellectual history of modern China
John Yasuda Assistant Professor East Asian Languages and Cultures Study of regulatory reform in developing countries, governance, and the politics of institutional integration

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