Daniel Metz

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Major: Central Eurasian Studies and Journalism

Minor: Political Science

Why did you decide to study Turkish at IU?:

I was looking for some kind of experience that would be able to give my resume and my personal experience some kind of diversity, and I was always interested in studying abroad. So I joined the Turkish Flagship Program and fell in love with the language, the culture and, above all, the food.

What are your plans after graduation?

I intend to move back to Turkey and go to graduate school in either International Relations or Political Science at university in Istanbul. My end goal would be to gain experience working at a local Turkish newspaper or possibly working as a foreign correspondent for an international newspaper.

Would you recommend the Turkish Flagship to students studying at SGIS?

I would absolutely recommend it. Particularly to students studying International Studies or Central Eurasian Studies. A lot of programs don't go into the depth and deliver the skills that the Flagship can do, and most programs also don't provide the amount of funding that the Flagship is able to offer to its students.