Global Student Seven



The Global Student Seven (GS7) is an advisory board to Dean Feinstein tasked with providing candid, mature student perspectives on affairs concerning the School of Global and International Studies to improve the undergraduate student experience and expand the scope of the college.
 Lee Feinstein
In practice, the board meets with Dean Feinstein each month to soundboard policies, organize events, and brainstorm new student and faculty initiatives. Additionally, the board meets with SGIS departments to improve their student outreach and increase enrollments.
The board is composed of seven members, five undergraduate and two masters, representing the diversity of the student body and programs at SGIS.

Application and Selection 

The application for GS7 goes live each fall semester. Two students from the previous year’s board will be kept on as guides for the incoming members, but the remaining seats are reopened for application. 
This year, the application goes online Nov. 4, 2016 and closes Nov. 18, 2016.
Once applications are submitted, a committee will select a handful of students to proceed to interviews. Of the students interviewed, three undergraduate and two graduate will be selected for membership on the board.
Term lengths for members is one year (Spring-Fall).

Undergraduate freshman-junior may apply along with students currently in their 4th year or earlier of the 5-year master’s program. Students in their final year study may not apply due to the Spring-Fall term cycle.

The selection committee will be searching for candidates with strong interpersonal, personal, and professional skills. Students who…
Can form an opinion and deliver candid, mature insights
Read social situations and react accordingly
Are internally motivated to create new opportunities for students
The Board is not seeking members based on GPA, SAT/ACT, or any metric other than the criteria above. 
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